Analytic Advisors
Analytic Advisors

reverse phase arrays

Zeptosens, owned by Bayer Technology Services, provides protein profiling services using reverse phase arrays. The principle allows comparative, multiparallel evaluation of several hundred samples for

  • modulation of signaling pathway activity monitoring
  • cell based compound selectivity & inhibition profiling
  • preclinical toxicology
  • drug mechanism studies
  • protein profiling in healthy versus diseased human tissue
  • biomarker / target discovery and validation

An integrative part of the technology is a planar waveguide based fluorescence detector which only interacts with bound analytes on the chip surface. This significantly increases the signal-to-noise ratio and enables to monitor expression & signaling changes for low-abundance proteins in just 400 pL of spotted cell or tissue lysate. The generated information of this array-based method is equivalent to > 10,000 quantitative Western Blot lanes being processed in only one week and at a fraction of antibody material. Read more...



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