Analytic Advisors
Analytic Advisors

Seyonic SA (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)


Seyonic SA and Analytic Advisors cooperated in a technical marketing initiative to locate new clients and applications for their sensor controlled pipetting systems. Seyonic has developed a proprietary dispense principle which makes use of an integrated high-speed flow sensor chip. The sensor chip is in hydraulic connection with the system liquid in the dispensing channel and traces the flow pulse in real time. This high speed process can be employed to fine tune the quantity of the dispensed liquid.

As part of the marketing initiative, Analytic Advisors initiated many dialogues with potential new industrial partners for Seyonic. Analytic Advisors also developed trademark recognition and published technical papers highlighting key features of the nanodispenser. View details

Haber, C.; Boillat, M.; van der Schoot, B.; Flow-Sensor Driven Nanodispensing: The Path to more reliable Liquid Handling Operations, Am. Biotech. Lab. 2004, 22 (9) pp. 10-14

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