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From the moment you are beginning with marketing and selling your product, you should start looking for distributors, manufacturer’s representatives or consultants to help you market your technology.  Even if you have sufficient funds to start a full time sales office in a foreign market, you should postpone this until you feel confident about the geographic location and product acceptance. Rather, consider hiring a 'trusted person' on a part time basis, who will scout out and initiate the best possible relationship. It is much more advisable to work with a local, competent agent who knows the geographic market players, labs, language and local customs.

Ideally, a good distribution organization with positive cash flow is preferred. You can 'test' a distributor’s willingness and motivation to have him purchase one or several demo units at cost. You may offer an exclusive agreement for a certain territory only if the distributor agrees to a sales target. Otherwise, go non-exclusive. A smart way is also to find a partner who is specialized and present in a market segment, beyond territorial boundaries.

Manufacturer’s reps or consultants, sometimes experienced former scientists who are well versed and networked with their former colleagues may be a better choice. If you agree to pick up logistics and service, they may be happy with a smaller commission.

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